The "confidentiality" clause Windermere
requires on settlement agreements

Confidentiality. As a central and fundamental part of this Agreement, the DeCourseys agree to completely cease all dissemination, broadcast, distribution or public availability of any information, statements, claims, photographs, recordings, or other data of any kind relating to their dispute with Windermere.  This provision includes the deletion of any applicable internet page or web site relating to the dispute and deletion (if possible) of postings on web sites and other forums relating to the dispute.  The DeCoursey [sic] will take the web site offline and will not renew the name when it expires.  The DeCourseys agree not to picket, petition, disrupt or enter any Windermere office or company.  The DeCourseys agree that they shall not communicate with any person about their dispute with Windermere unless asked, and, if asked, will state only that they have resolved their claim to their satisfaction.  The DeCourseys acknowledge that Windermere would not settle this dispute without this provision, and that this provision is of utmost importance to Windermere.  In the event of material breach of this provision, the DeCourseys agree to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $100,000 plus attorney fees and legal expenses incurred in enforcing it, but payment of the liquidated damages shall not terminate the DeCourseys' obligations under this provision.  This provision shall not preclude the DeCourseys from complying with any valid subpoena or court order.

Full text of document available here.